Vibrational Healing

Vibrational Frequency – the origination of healing, and of injury . . .

What gives the sound healing chair the capacity to heal, is that it’s multi-layered frequencies of sound and vibration impact the user’s physical body and return it to a much spiritually higher state of consciousness. This in turn makes it easier for one to see, have vision, regain clarity, and make life choices from a more balanced state of consciousness. When making choices from a higher state, the results of our choices are much more likely to be conducive to our new frequency of thought.
This is an example of the outer plane of life, affecting the inner plane – the life we have inside of ourselves.
We also have examples of this healing beginning on the inner plane. When we have taken the time to balance our emotions through prayer, spiritual practice or communing with nature, we are also allowing much smoother vibrations to affect our aura and physical body. These events are enough to bring healing closer, but also open us up to highly spiritual internal experiences, via lucid dreaming and out of body travel. The result in these spheres can be quite astonishing, and bring about spiritual healing experiences that we had before never even imagined.

There are yet other options when it comes to healing. Most people today have at least heard about the healing properties that are currently being discovered in the Hemp plant. CBD in particular, a cannabinoid in Hemp that dampens chaotic emotions, can also be healing in itself. CBD does not produce the noted high that results from consuming THC in Cannabis, though it does have mildly calming effects. But similarly to the chair, walks in nature and experiencing lucid dreamstates, CBD Therapy offers healing to the emotional body, rest and reprieve from the coarser emotions we may be feeling, or that may be directed to us from our world. It’s healing – begins within us, inside of us. CBD can be purchased legally in all 50 states and can make a difference to anyone seeking a path of healing.

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