Vibrational Healing

Vibrational Frequency – the origination of healing, and of injury . . .

What gives the sound healing chair the capacity to heal, is that it’s multi-layered frequencies of sound and vibration impact the user’s physical body and return it to a much spiritually higher state of consciousness. This in turn makes it easier for one to see, have vision, regain clarity, and make life choices from a more balanced state of consciousness. When making choices from a higher state, the results of our choices are much more likely to be conducive to our new frequency of thought.
This is an example of the outer plane of life, affecting the inner plane – the life we have inside of ourselves.
We also have examples of this healing beginning on the inner plane. When we have taken the time to balance our emotions through prayer, spiritual practice or communing with nature, we are also allowing much smoother vibrations to affect our aura and physical body. These events are enough to bring healing closer, but also open us up to highly spiritual internal experiences, via lucid dreaming and out of body travel. The result in these spheres can be quite astonishing, and bring about spiritual healing experiences that we had before never even imagined.

There are yet other options when it comes to healing. Most people today have at least heard about the healing properties that are currently being discovered in the Hemp plant. CBD in particular, a cannabinoid in Hemp that dampens chaotic emotions, can also be healing in itself. CBD does not produce the noted high that results from consuming THC in Cannabis, though it does have mildly calming effects. But similarly to the chair, walks in nature and experiencing lucid dreamstates, CBD Therapy offers healing to the emotional body, rest and reprieve from the coarser emotions we may be feeling, or that may be directed to us from our world. It’s healing – begins within us, inside of us. CBD can be purchased legally in all 50 states and can make a difference to anyone seeking a path of healing.

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Out of Body Travel - How Spirit Heals us during Illness

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Out of Body Travel - Spirit Communication

One of the most confusing aspects of out of body travel, receiving messages from entities in higher realms can prove very disorienting. While their words may be of the highest truth, they can be spoken from a dimension far above our own, and because of this their messages sometimes require translation.

When first experiencing out of body travel, it’s easy to confuse a less evolved soul with someone of a higher evolution. Because an entity in spirit does not have to carry an ego of the same density that is required in the earth, a very young soul can appear quite dynamic and evolved in an out of body experience. So it does take time to learn to differentiate between the two.

The most evolved beings seldom, if ever, give definitive directions or suggest a specific course of action for your life. The highest beings can inspire you with the simplest of words, as their refined emotions actually have the power to lift you into a higher state of consciousness. On the other hand, less evolved beings—however well intentioned—do not have that capacity and often can only advise you of a specific action to take, something they might believe to be beneficial to your life. While there is purpose in both of these interactions, it’s very important to realize that anyone simply telling you what to do—is not highly evolved. I always use caution in dealing with such souls.

In the highest dimensions, far above the earth in vibrational frequency, fear cannot exist as we know it. And it is in these inspirational realms where the energy is created that breathes life into the earth, into the dreams and thoughts of those incarnated in this world.

We can have our own resistance to these higher frequencies, unconscious fear that separates us from something we wish to manifest or express. We could return to the guidance we were given and claim it to be false. But what is missing from the message, is acknowledgement of the required path we must first walk – life experience that teaches us that certain beliefs, behaviors and attachments we embody might be limiting us. There may be many life experiences between message and manifestation, events that cause us to release beliefs that stand in the way of our longing. It is often a leap in consciousness which ushers in a new aspect of life.

Wanting to immediately manifest a vision, I sometimes find that the earth refuses to yield. Of course this is actually the purpose of incarnating into a dimension of such density. We are forced to renounce and release those beliefs that prevent us from more deeply aligning with our Higher Power and deepest Self. We may feel the longing to reclaim missing pieces of our soul and we feel the pressure to gain understanding. If we are spiritually focused, we may intuitively realize that we are being asked to release. If we are deeply grounded in the illusion of the earth, we might suffer through the breaking down of the ego.

I’ve learned not to attach to the grand visions within my dreams, out of body travel and sight. I’ve learned if they are meant to arrive in the physical realm, they will arrive in their appropriate time. As it must be, the earth requires us to cleanse our hearts before we may evolve our experience of oneness, and that seems to be an ongoing evolution into greater depth.


Out of Body Travel - Grounding

One of the challenges of the dreamer is how to be grounded in the physical world, while remaining connected to the mystical worlds. At first glance, grounding, becoming present in this dimension (or any dimension that you happen to be in) can seem to mean joining the shared consciousness of those around us.

For me, this would be quite uncomfortable. I do not wish to ground in the illusion, in the illusory earth. I wish to ground in what I perceive as reality. And that is a world that is governed by laws that are different than the laws of illusion, or the mainstream.

As one begins a process of awakening, this prospect can be almost unimaginable. But there are ways to ground in reality, the higher laws governing existence, though it does require diligence. One must seek opportunities that raise the vibrational frequency of the body. And developing a spiritual practice can do this.

The natural world does not forget and within every plant and animal is a frequency of energy that vibrates at much higher rate than the physical illusion. Walks in nature, visits to the ocean are just a couple of ways to reconnect with this frequency. Vision Quests are a part of my life – how do you remember the eternal?

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