Out of Body Travel Question


Hello. My question is can you have an out of body experience and
interact/have conversations with people who are not dreaming - people
awake in “reality?”
Also can you appear to awake people (during out of body travel) in a different form, like a different gender or an animal?

Curious :0)


My answer to your first question is yes, though probably not in the way you have imagined. It is possible to appear in front of someone that is awake, though you are usually limited to communicating with their unconscious mind – you wouldn’t register upon their physical eyes. But they might actually begin thinking about you, and even hear in their mind words related to what you might be communicating to them. Most would never imagine that you were actually in their presence.
You can also meet an unconscious fragment of a person during out of body travel, while they are awake. This type of meeting would not be in the physical earth, but would instead be in an alternate dimension. And you would be able to directly communicate with them, though again, their conscious mind would have little or no knowledge of the meeting.

It is said there have been a few individuals that have had enough power to “double” their bodies, consciously appear at the same moment in the earth in two different locations, but this very uncommon. At the same time Many are able to do this while appearing in the second location in the next higher dimension - meaning their presence would not register on the physical eyes. They would be invisible to the eye, but their energy could be felt.

I would add that there are even more possibilities that can be realized and understood in deep meditative states...

Out of Body Travel


Talking about Death and the After Life

Thank you for your prompt reply and suggestions—Will pursue it with him. I think that a lot of people nearing the end of their journeys are anxious to explore this issue but are afraid to freak out their families.
I do agree…
I have talks with my mother about speaking with deceased people and I’ve had similar talks with my aunt…but I do limit what I say…
I just stand there and support them in what they would share.
If you share more than they are comfortable hearing, you can actually have a negative impact and send too much energy through their body…
In the short term, this could cause them to have less consciousness during their experiences.


Approaching the subject of Out of Body Travel...


Hello, I want to start talking with my 87-year-old father-outlaw about making the transition, practicing out-of-body flight, and am looking for references, tips, etc. on a good place to start. He's not affiliated with any specific brand of Christianity, so that's not going to be an issue, but I don't know what the best way to start the conversation/meditation with him.





I do have a lot of experience with opening people's minds, but I would suggest that most people really aren't open to direct conversations about such things....

But as we age and begin to reach the end of our lives, many do have experiences they find unexplainable...
Like waking up in a higher state of consciousness, while half asleep and chatting with someone that is deceased…
They sometimes chat away till they wake up more fully, and the person leaves their vision…

You might mention such an experience to him, that you HEARD about this person that had this type experience--"What do you think about that?"

Regardless, you can always just ask him about questions while never committing to yourself believing in such things...
That way, in case he really rejects the idea, he isn't disturbed by thinking you have lost your mind...lol

So I would start with that before more directly approaching the subject of out of body travel.


My Lucid Dreaming Site

I've just uploaded my new website about out of body travel and lucid dreaming to the web - Conscious Dreaming. There are articles about dreaming on the site and links to my books. Video presentations on lucid dreaming, out of body travel and more coming in the Spring.


White Eagle Books

white eagle spiritual books
There are certainly no books that have more influence my ability to lucid dream and experience out of body travel than the White Eagle Series. The White Eagle Books are a collection of Grace Cooke's channelings during the mid era of the 20th century. The Spiritual Unfoldment Series outlines a path of spiritual growth that produces many changes in ones perception. #2 in this series deals with the faerie kingdom of gnomes, sprites, undines and such..
I highly recommend for anyone seriously desiring to grow spiritually and develops skills in out of body travel, lucid dreaming and other psychic abilities.


Opening Chapter for "Faeries Found"


Long ago, in an age almost forgotten, the small spirit keepers of the earth lived and worked within the consciousness of humanity. We then expected the presence of faeries, sprites, gnomes and the other earth spirits in our lives.
Closely aligned with inspirational realms, their job was and is of holding heart consciousness; of maintaining that presence to help us stay closer to the longings of our hearts. And in a world often dominated by fear, it is a job that requires diligent labor, waiting for moments when they might whisper of hope to an aspirer of magic.
Even though mostly unseen, their gifts have inspired much of the great artistry and enduring creations that exist in our world.

It is with the most soulful energy that faeries resonate—and help to perpetuate. But if when we leave childhood, we become too focused in the physical world and begin to adopt beliefs of consumption, forgetting the natural world—our ability to see their reality diminishes.
It of course does not cease to exist; it is only that our connection to it weakens. Their work continues with or without our conscious awareness, though in eras where great violence occurs, they must pull back and leave our midst. But all the while they wait, hoping that we will soon be able to transcribe our aggressions into something more conducive to our survival—and to our ability to hope.

Hope is a request for their presence.

To visit the bookpage: Faeries Found


Questions about Out of Body Travel

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Becoming conscious during out of body travel


I have out of body experiences, but I have difficulty when I come to the conscious realization that I’m in another realm. I become fearful or startled by the fact that I’m in complete control yet completely out of my body.

Is there a certain point when you learn to control the location of your projection?
Can you consciously travel to desired dimensions?

Also I've had many dreaming experiences, which I later lived out while awake—Déjà Vu, if you will. Can I control this to make it more useful? Not that I want to see my future, but in most instances I don’t have a choice.

Are the visitors in my lucid dreams my manifestation, or visitors? I don't know how I could have dreamed some of these things up but wouldn't put it past my mind, like partying with a bunch of Ganesha people. So strange but so cool. Any help would be appreciated.

Safe travels through the universes


It is very common to lose consciousness when initially experiencing out of body travel. The intense energies in these dimensions can magnify fear, often resulting in confusion and causing a premature return to the physical body. So an acclimation process is usually necessary before being able to experience any lengthy out of body travels. But there are purification techniques that can speed up the process, though time and experience can also increase your resonance in these realms. It is the releasing of darkness from your being that will enable you to ground within the experience.

What I would suggest that you are seeking, is not necessarily to be in control during the experience, but to ‘feel in control.’ When we are feeling out of control, whether awake or asleep, we tend to desire more direct and physical control of something about our environment. But the greatest experiences in life, and in out of body travel, result from feeling a sense of Mastery, all the while being part of something greater. Feeling in control during out of body travel comes about as a result of deep releasing to a greater power. For it is when we can fully trust in goodness that we can be ushered into experiences beyond our conscious imagination.

Again, I would suggest that gaining more control by your ego’s standards, might not be so beneficial, for it is your deepest soul that is seeking the experience found through conscious out of body travel. It is the awakening of your soul in its fullness that enables the experience in the first place. Getting to a place where you can trust the higher part of your being brings the greatest benefit.

When meeting others in these alternate dimensions, we can have experiences with real and literal beings, but also beings created within our own imagination. Even someone familiar to us could actually be a manifestation. In time you will be able to distinguish between the two, but there are worlds where many unique beings exist that could only be described as strange by our standards. Having an open mind about other life forms, can open doors to realms that most others are not allowed to enter.


Preparations for out of body travel

Preparations for out of body travel

I'm not sure what you mean about "purification". I have read and have been told that one must be careful about astral projection because of the "evil" that may be encountered in the different planes of existence, and that you have to prepare and brace yourself with “guides.” Being brought up a Catholic, I have to admit this does scare me. Let's just say that developing psychic abilities was looked at as touching the "darker side" of life and the world of the devil.

I know that there are people that practice black magic—that does frighten me because I don't know if I would be able to recognize those people. The devil does show himself in all shapes and I don't really want to encounter him in all his glory or open doors that I won't be able to close. Perhaps the purification you speak of would arm someone with protection?

I just feel that our minds have the power to explore and visualize a lot more than we are now able to do. If we could develop that ability, the ability to grow spiritually, well then maybe our lives would be fuller.


Purification is the process of facing and releasing fear, which is related to what eastern religions sometimes call identifying our suffering, so it is the process of bringing our darkness into the conscious mind so that it can be understood and healed.

Since we already astral project unconsciously, we are also already facing dark entities. But it is still important to be careful when cultivating this kind of consciousness, not because we will necessarily be exposed to greater dangers, but that we need to move slowly so we don’t get ahead of the transmutation process. We have to gently expose ourselves to the awareness of our own darkness; else we can become overwhelmed by it. It is for this reason that I don’t believe in consciously putting a lot of effort into inducing out of body travel. When you simply focus upon the purification aspect, and relinquish control to a higher power, the super conscious experiences will take place in the proper time. That way, we may add them into our lives while maintaining an emotional balance.


Conscious Dreaming

conscious dreaming-reaching lucid dream states


I did not quite realize that it might be a "process" involved of finally attaining a state of "conscious" astral projection. It seems like if it would not be known on the conscious level and that I would never remember that it had actually occurred—well I guess I would say, ‘what is the point?’ My understanding after reading up on this topic years ago, was that both people would be "aware" of meeting the other person.


Well—what I would say to that, is that we are Mostly unconscious beings. If you have done much reading about astral travel, lucid dreaming and things related to higher consciousness, you probably have read about alternate realities and parallel lives. We actually experience much more of ourselves on a completely unconscious basis and most of us have little knowledge of the why behind our actions.

I was once told by the spirit world, that (because of hostile energies in the earth) the majority of our soul has already fragmented off—by the time we reach the age of one year old!

So I would say that we all have hidden abilities and talents, most of which we may never have knowledge of, unless we really spend a good amount of energy in the attempt of pulling these fragmented pieces back to ourselves.

Now there are many people that make lesser attempts at astral travel, that are able to have an experience or a few experiences by the use of mental techniques. This however does not open the door to regular travel and experiencing ourselves in our fullness—or just getting a taste of our wholeness. If we are interested in the latter, the route of spiritual purification is required. Our fear must be transmuted in order to really stay open enough to ‘give ourselves’ over to a higher power and reach higher states of consciousness when awake, and at night visiting dream worlds. When we reach this place in our lives, our dream travels take a turn and we begin to experience ourselves in other realities.

We have to rearrange our conscious minds so to speak, to emotionally handle the energy of experiencing conscious lucid dream and awake states on a regular basis. I was once shown within a lucid dream experience, of hundreds of dream experiences that had never reached my consciousness. I had no memory of the experiences before that moment.

The gift of tasting our fullness can be an extremely blissful, though emotionally overwhelming if occurring frequently. Attaining regular travel requires us to release an immense amount of our Unconscious fear. It’s also challenging to wake up after a deeply profound experience, without the fuller sense of ourselves, and then be faced with a greater consciousness of what we might become while here in our earth stay.

If you think that you don’t grow and process things unconsciously, you might think back to yourself many years ago and become aware of how you have changed in the period since. How you came to understand things, attained knowledge that was once foreign to you. This is the process of growth, of learning first on an unconscious level—we have to do a lot of things in order to survive, things we may not know the reason for—then years later we understand.

So even when we are awake in our everyday lives, we are still co-creating unconsciously, still working things out and understanding first on the unconscious level, then experiencing ourselves as conscious.

We can even be shown our future, or possible futures in these unconscious dream realms. And if we are open enough, we make adjustments in our thinking, so that we can be better prepared for their manifestations in the future, again, completely on an unconscious basis. People with a high consciousness, high enough that they aware in these realms and can consciously see these possible futures are called Visionaries.

And then there is a whole other issue related to interacting with others in these realms. When we gain consciousness during an out of body experience, we are going to be conscious in the realm that is most pertinent to our own growth—the same goes for whomever we visit. We often visit the unconscious fragments of our friends and loved ones.

Though it does happen, there is a low chance that we will both reach consciousness in the same realm, in the same space of time, in the same moment. It’s just more likely that we will be meeting unconscious fragments of our friends over conscious ones.

So you might see, regular conscious out of body travel would be difficult for someone with a casual interest.


Astral Travel

Astral Travel


I would like to ask you a question about astral projections—I read that in a university study, someone actually astral projected and were able to tell the researchers exactly what a certain person was doing miles away and what was in the room where he was staying.

I’ve also read that if you want to "contact" someone via astral projection, that your spirit or soul can leave your body and travel to the person, that their astral body can meet yours.


While it is possible to visit a place in the earth and be able to ‘report back’ to others about objects within a room, it’s a bit difficult to actually coordinate for many reasons.
Out of body experiences are highly spiritual and can be deeply moving. When we reach such states of being, we are pulled toward what is most needed by our soul. And that often does not include what our ego may think to be the most important thing at the time. Rather than traveling to the site of our conscious preference, we might instead visit a different place, friend, deceased loved one, etc.

This incongruence between what our soul wants and our ego desires is what limits the expansion of our day-to-day awareness. When we become conscious in these higher dimensions, what our ego once thought important, might no longer even exist in our conscious minds.

The incongruence is also a factor in why we don’t remember nighttime experiences—we all have out of body experiences and visitations, we just don’t remember them. When we can release the ego’s agenda, we become much more conducive to consciously experiencing ourselves in the frequencies of higher dimensions.

When we enter an energetic realm of a place we know in the earth, it can also appear quite different, as there are always more things/objects, etc., than exists within our present dimension. So it might not appear exactly as it is in the earth—there could even be additional rooms that do not exist in the third dimension.

We all can and do connect with each other on a daily basis—distance is no barrier. In a split second we can send a fragment of our being to a friend or loved one, sharing our thoughts and feelings. For most people this remains in the unconscious realm, though as we work our way toward a higher consciousness, we actually do get glimpses of these visits. People that are good at unconsciously doing this are called intuitive.

If we are asleep when this occurs, it is also possible to be fully present, fully conscious. Of course this does require a lot of spiritual purification—we must have a very high consciousness and presence to be able to remember these experiences.


Welcome to Conscious Dreaming

Welcome to Conscious Dreaming

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