Conscious Dreaming

conscious dreaming-reaching lucid dream states


I did not quite realize that it might be a "process" involved of finally attaining a state of "conscious" astral projection. It seems like if it would not be known on the conscious level and that I would never remember that it had actually occurred—well I guess I would say, ‘what is the point?’ My understanding after reading up on this topic years ago, was that both people would be "aware" of meeting the other person.


Well—what I would say to that, is that we are Mostly unconscious beings. If you have done much reading about astral travel, lucid dreaming and things related to higher consciousness, you probably have read about alternate realities and parallel lives. We actually experience much more of ourselves on a completely unconscious basis and most of us have little knowledge of the why behind our actions.

I was once told by the spirit world, that (because of hostile energies in the earth) the majority of our soul has already fragmented off—by the time we reach the age of one year old!

So I would say that we all have hidden abilities and talents, most of which we may never have knowledge of, unless we really spend a good amount of energy in the attempt of pulling these fragmented pieces back to ourselves.

Now there are many people that make lesser attempts at astral travel, that are able to have an experience or a few experiences by the use of mental techniques. This however does not open the door to regular travel and experiencing ourselves in our fullness—or just getting a taste of our wholeness. If we are interested in the latter, the route of spiritual purification is required. Our fear must be transmuted in order to really stay open enough to ‘give ourselves’ over to a higher power and reach higher states of consciousness when awake, and at night visiting dream worlds. When we reach this place in our lives, our dream travels take a turn and we begin to experience ourselves in other realities.

We have to rearrange our conscious minds so to speak, to emotionally handle the energy of experiencing conscious lucid dream and awake states on a regular basis. I was once shown within a lucid dream experience, of hundreds of dream experiences that had never reached my consciousness. I had no memory of the experiences before that moment.

The gift of tasting our fullness can be an extremely blissful, though emotionally overwhelming if occurring frequently. Attaining regular travel requires us to release an immense amount of our Unconscious fear. It’s also challenging to wake up after a deeply profound experience, without the fuller sense of ourselves, and then be faced with a greater consciousness of what we might become while here in our earth stay.

If you think that you don’t grow and process things unconsciously, you might think back to yourself many years ago and become aware of how you have changed in the period since. How you came to understand things, attained knowledge that was once foreign to you. This is the process of growth, of learning first on an unconscious level—we have to do a lot of things in order to survive, things we may not know the reason for—then years later we understand.

So even when we are awake in our everyday lives, we are still co-creating unconsciously, still working things out and understanding first on the unconscious level, then experiencing ourselves as conscious.

We can even be shown our future, or possible futures in these unconscious dream realms. And if we are open enough, we make adjustments in our thinking, so that we can be better prepared for their manifestations in the future, again, completely on an unconscious basis. People with a high consciousness, high enough that they aware in these realms and can consciously see these possible futures are called Visionaries.

And then there is a whole other issue related to interacting with others in these realms. When we gain consciousness during an out of body experience, we are going to be conscious in the realm that is most pertinent to our own growth—the same goes for whomever we visit. We often visit the unconscious fragments of our friends and loved ones.

Though it does happen, there is a low chance that we will both reach consciousness in the same realm, in the same space of time, in the same moment. It’s just more likely that we will be meeting unconscious fragments of our friends over conscious ones.

So you might see, regular conscious out of body travel would be difficult for someone with a casual interest.

from the mouth of wisdom...