The Nature of Magic

During conscious out of body travel, the light body vibrates at a very high frequency, much closer to our soul experience when we are not incarnated into the earth. We are able to feel things normally unimaginable, and depths of connectedness and inspiration are available that cannot currently reach us in the density of the physical earth.

Then upon waking, we realize just how limited we experience our day to day life. During out of body travel, we feel vastly powerful. And when waking and returning to this dimension, we may feel a longing to return to that level of consciousness. The magic that we feel in these higher realms now becomes a seed for future growth in the earth.

It doesn’t take many of out of body experiences to realize that the physical laws in the spirit realm are different than Earth physics. Time is relative to the dimension we experiencing. In the spirit realm, we see that our power is immediately accessible. When in the earth, there is an obvious lag in our ability to create and magnetize. In spirit, we can receive a desire in an instant. Here in the earth, we may have to wait days, weeks or even years for them to manifest.

There is of course a reason for this. The earth is where we learn to develop power. Time is slowed down for us to consider what we want. Desires within us must reach a certain level of congruence before they materialize. So if congruence does not exist within our being for something we believe we want, we are not completely open to receiving. As time passes, we may look back and see why we received certain things and others didn’t arrive.

But through experience we learn what is appropriate for us, what will add to our lives and what would detract. The result is power, an inner knowing that is developed through contemplation and experience. It is a power that enables us to have balance and goodness in our lives. This learning has an energetic memory that will remain with us in future lives as well as when we return to the world of spirit.

from the mouth of wisdom...