Opening Chapter for "Faeries Found"


Long ago, in an age almost forgotten, the small spirit keepers of the earth lived and worked within the consciousness of humanity. We then expected the presence of faeries, sprites, gnomes and the other earth spirits in our lives.
Closely aligned with inspirational realms, their job was and is of holding heart consciousness; of maintaining that presence to help us stay closer to the longings of our hearts. And in a world often dominated by fear, it is a job that requires diligent labor, waiting for moments when they might whisper of hope to an aspirer of magic.
Even though mostly unseen, their gifts have inspired much of the great artistry and enduring creations that exist in our world.

It is with the most soulful energy that faeries resonate—and help to perpetuate. But if when we leave childhood, we become too focused in the physical world and begin to adopt beliefs of consumption, forgetting the natural world—our ability to see their reality diminishes.
It of course does not cease to exist; it is only that our connection to it weakens. Their work continues with or without our conscious awareness, though in eras where great violence occurs, they must pull back and leave our midst. But all the while they wait, hoping that we will soon be able to transcribe our aggressions into something more conducive to our survival—and to our ability to hope.

Hope is a request for their presence.

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