Out of Body Travel Question


Hello. My question is can you have an out of body experience and
interact/have conversations with people who are not dreaming - people
awake in “reality?”
Also can you appear to awake people (during out of body travel) in a different form, like a different gender or an animal?

Curious :0)


My answer to your first question is yes, though probably not in the way you have imagined. It is possible to appear in front of someone that is awake, though you are usually limited to communicating with their unconscious mind – you wouldn’t register upon their physical eyes. But they might actually begin thinking about you, and even hear in their mind words related to what you might be communicating to them. Most would never imagine that you were actually in their presence.
You can also meet an unconscious fragment of a person during out of body travel, while they are awake. This type of meeting would not be in the physical earth, but would instead be in an alternate dimension. And you would be able to directly communicate with them, though again, their conscious mind would have little or no knowledge of the meeting.

It is said there have been a few individuals that have had enough power to “double” their bodies, consciously appear at the same moment in the earth in two different locations, but this very uncommon. At the same time Many are able to do this while appearing in the second location in the next higher dimension - meaning their presence would not register on the physical eyes. They would be invisible to the eye, but their energy could be felt.

I would add that there are even more possibilities that can be realized and understood in deep meditative states...

Out of Body Travel

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