Astral Travel

Astral Travel


I would like to ask you a question about astral projections—I read that in a university study, someone actually astral projected and were able to tell the researchers exactly what a certain person was doing miles away and what was in the room where he was staying.

I’ve also read that if you want to "contact" someone via astral projection, that your spirit or soul can leave your body and travel to the person, that their astral body can meet yours.


While it is possible to visit a place in the earth and be able to ‘report back’ to others about objects within a room, it’s a bit difficult to actually coordinate for many reasons.
Out of body experiences are highly spiritual and can be deeply moving. When we reach such states of being, we are pulled toward what is most needed by our soul. And that often does not include what our ego may think to be the most important thing at the time. Rather than traveling to the site of our conscious preference, we might instead visit a different place, friend, deceased loved one, etc.

This incongruence between what our soul wants and our ego desires is what limits the expansion of our day-to-day awareness. When we become conscious in these higher dimensions, what our ego once thought important, might no longer even exist in our conscious minds.

The incongruence is also a factor in why we don’t remember nighttime experiences—we all have out of body experiences and visitations, we just don’t remember them. When we can release the ego’s agenda, we become much more conducive to consciously experiencing ourselves in the frequencies of higher dimensions.

When we enter an energetic realm of a place we know in the earth, it can also appear quite different, as there are always more things/objects, etc., than exists within our present dimension. So it might not appear exactly as it is in the earth—there could even be additional rooms that do not exist in the third dimension.

We all can and do connect with each other on a daily basis—distance is no barrier. In a split second we can send a fragment of our being to a friend or loved one, sharing our thoughts and feelings. For most people this remains in the unconscious realm, though as we work our way toward a higher consciousness, we actually do get glimpses of these visits. People that are good at unconsciously doing this are called intuitive.

If we are asleep when this occurs, it is also possible to be fully present, fully conscious. Of course this does require a lot of spiritual purification—we must have a very high consciousness and presence to be able to remember these experiences.

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