Becoming conscious during out of body travel


I have out of body experiences, but I have difficulty when I come to the conscious realization that I’m in another realm. I become fearful or startled by the fact that I’m in complete control yet completely out of my body.

Is there a certain point when you learn to control the location of your projection?
Can you consciously travel to desired dimensions?

Also I've had many dreaming experiences, which I later lived out while awake—Déjà Vu, if you will. Can I control this to make it more useful? Not that I want to see my future, but in most instances I don’t have a choice.

Are the visitors in my lucid dreams my manifestation, or visitors? I don't know how I could have dreamed some of these things up but wouldn't put it past my mind, like partying with a bunch of Ganesha people. So strange but so cool. Any help would be appreciated.

Safe travels through the universes


It is very common to lose consciousness when initially experiencing out of body travel. The intense energies in these dimensions can magnify fear, often resulting in confusion and causing a premature return to the physical body. So an acclimation process is usually necessary before being able to experience any lengthy out of body travels. But there are purification techniques that can speed up the process, though time and experience can also increase your resonance in these realms. It is the releasing of darkness from your being that will enable you to ground within the experience.

What I would suggest that you are seeking, is not necessarily to be in control during the experience, but to ‘feel in control.’ When we are feeling out of control, whether awake or asleep, we tend to desire more direct and physical control of something about our environment. But the greatest experiences in life, and in out of body travel, result from feeling a sense of Mastery, all the while being part of something greater. Feeling in control during out of body travel comes about as a result of deep releasing to a greater power. For it is when we can fully trust in goodness that we can be ushered into experiences beyond our conscious imagination.

Again, I would suggest that gaining more control by your ego’s standards, might not be so beneficial, for it is your deepest soul that is seeking the experience found through conscious out of body travel. It is the awakening of your soul in its fullness that enables the experience in the first place. Getting to a place where you can trust the higher part of your being brings the greatest benefit.

When meeting others in these alternate dimensions, we can have experiences with real and literal beings, but also beings created within our own imagination. Even someone familiar to us could actually be a manifestation. In time you will be able to distinguish between the two, but there are worlds where many unique beings exist that could only be described as strange by our standards. Having an open mind about other life forms, can open doors to realms that most others are not allowed to enter.

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