Energetic Resonance

When initially learning conscious out of body travel, you may experience difficulty staying grounded within the dimension you are visiting. It’s not at all uncommon to be whisked away and back into unconsciousness, when might rather stay right where you are. This problem is about your energetic resonance to that dimension and the ability to stay open to the intense amount of energy that is required to flow through you when you are that conscious.

When awake in one’s daily life, there are certain physical laws that apply. The rules are obviously not the same for one’s physical body and their spiritual or light body. If we begin to emotionally close when fully awake and experiencing our daily life, we remain physically grounded to a degree. We may lose presence and find ourselves emotionally distancing ourselves from the world. But we physically remain where we are. That is not the case in an out of body experience—it’s our openness that allows us to be conscious during out of body travel. And it’s an openness that is really unimaginable to our conscious minds.

I would suggest that the emotion we can feel during an out of body experience could be 20 times greater than what we experience in our waking lives. We are more aware and can feel things that we are completely numb to in the physical realm. The slightest negative thought creates resistance for the energy flowing through your light body and initially, one’s fear might cause us to instantly lose consciousness. After more experience, we might feel ourselves being rapidly being pulled back to the location of our physical body. With more experience, we might feel our self losing the ground, but still have the time to take steps to remain in the experience, or at least to prolong it.

It’s not that we have absolute control over how long we can stay in an alternate dimension; there are predetermined plans for our visits. When we have witnessed or experienced the purpose of our visit, it’s time to go. But we may want to try and maximize our stays.

I’ve had enough travels that I know the difference between completion and my own inability to remain conscious. So when I feel it’s my own spiritual vibration that is causing the energetic disruption, I try to simplify my thinking.

There are many different things that my physically awake mind might be interested in knowing (about the experience) and in out of body travel, many of those things really don’t have significant spiritual importance. Once when visiting with my deceased father, I asked him what was his favorite food. Upon waking, I thought I should have asked him what happened to the copy of our family tree! But it is innocent thought that allows us to become resonant and conscious during out of body travel in the first place. It’s analytical and structured thinking that cause most people to remain unconscious of their out of body experiences.

So during out of body travel, you want to be one with the surrounding energy and try not to let your mind dominate. You might want to focus on your physical surroundings and limit the intensity of conversation – deeper conversations can cause more power to flow into your body and overwhelm you. If you are in a light filled dimension, those around you may pretend things are casual, but they actually know the difficulty you are facing in getting accustomed to the energy. And they are appreciative of your efforts to consciously meet them. So try to be one with the energies, beings and environment around you. That is what will hold you in an out of body experience and allow you to maximize the moment.

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