Out of Body Travel - Question


I am wondering why, during 2011 in particular, my out-of-body travel is
increasing in frequency. I have been ill with Lupus and chronic pain
and while my body is in decline, my soul/spirit is getting much stronger.
I can visit old friends and lovers, see what they are doing, and sometimes
have this confirmed later. While in the Emergency Room this week
with a moderate concussion, I fell asleep and traveled to the waiting
room where my friend was waiting anxiously to be called in to see me.
I could see her entire soul/spirit....a beautiful yellow and white aura.
She is so much more than her earth-based personality. It was a wonderful

Is it common to experience more out-of-body travel when one is sick?
Sometimes I can leave my body and look at myself sleeping in bed.




There is always a positive side to any form of suffering. What happens during an illness is that a crack is formed in the ego that allows darkness to escape and light to enter. As darkness exits the body, it is raised in vibration and allows one to see things that had before been concealed from consciousness. So the spiritual purpose behind an illness is for the purification of the body. I would suggest that you aren’t actually having any additional experiences of out of body travel, but that you are just becoming more aware of what you are already doing. The 17th Century Abbot and poet John Donne has written much about this spiritual connection between illness and the Divine. And the tradition of the Vision Quest, in the spiritual belief system of many indigenous cultures is to purposefully recreate the same results.


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