Out of Body Travel - Grounding

One of the challenges of the dreamer is how to be grounded in the physical world, while remaining connected to the mystical worlds. At first glance, grounding, becoming present in this dimension (or any dimension that you happen to be in) can seem to mean joining the shared consciousness of those around us.

For me, this would be quite uncomfortable. I do not wish to ground in the illusion, in the illusory earth. I wish to ground in what I perceive as reality. And that is a world that is governed by laws that are different than the laws of illusion, or the mainstream.

As one begins a process of awakening, this prospect can be almost unimaginable. But there are ways to ground in reality, the higher laws governing existence, though it does require diligence. One must seek opportunities that raise the vibrational frequency of the body. And developing a spiritual practice can do this.

The natural world does not forget and within every plant and animal is a frequency of energy that vibrates at much higher rate than the physical illusion. Walks in nature, visits to the ocean are just a couple of ways to reconnect with this frequency. Vision Quests are a part of my life – how do you remember the eternal?

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